By laura charanza

a survivor’s story of narcissistic abuse

By laura charanza

a survivor’s story of narcissistic abuse

but discovered your partner is Jekyll and Hyde. Your fantasy life just evolved into a nightmare, and your other half tells you it’s because you can’t get it right. You feel like no one will understand, and your partner says that’s the case. You are cray and destined to be a failure. Would you believe it’s not you?

With this book you’ll travel through decades of narcissistic abuse with a survivor. You’ll learn about the narcissist’s tactics and how to recognize psychological abuse. Laura offers solutions and explains how her own journey led to a life of peace and love.

Meet the Author

Laura Charanza is a dynamic speaker and author, and soon-to-be certified life coach.  Laura is a survivor of 40 years of narcissistic abuse.  Before becoming an author, Laura was a television news journalist who covered breaking news for CBS and ABC affiliates across the country.  Laura is currently an award-winning biotechnology sales representative in Texas and Oklahoma.  Laura lives in the Dallas, Texas, area with her son and two labradoodles.
Join Laura in a small group setting to kick start your journey to self-love. You’ll work to heal and put the past behind you.  Laura will also teach you skills to build your self esteem and self worth, so you can live a life with joy and peace.
The online course begins April 25th at 7 pm CST. Course information will be sent after registration. 
My ex once told me he wanted a Junior League woman during the day and a hooker in the bedroom at night.  I was expected to fit both of those descriptions.

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“The author also includes pragmatic advice on how to get a divorce, and on helping victims of narcissistic abuse, and their children, recover. The types of therapies, including some newer modalities, are described. Spiritual aspects are nicely considered. In other words, the book offeres not only nuts-and-bolts help, but hope.”

Editor, Book Baby, Publisher

As a psychologist, I see both men and women in abusive relationships with narcissists, but they inevitably blame themselves. Only after time (and often therapy), do they realize that ‘they’ are not the problem. The road to health and rebuilding can be ardurous and long. Laura Charanza describes the abuse and situations in a uniquely insighfully way. Ms. Charanza, as an author; has a style that is easy to read and relate to. For someone who is, or thinks they may be, in a relationship with a narcissist, this is a must-read. This is one of the best books I have read on surviving a relationship with a narcissist.

Dr. Ray L. Levy



with Laura Charanza and Renowned Psychotherapist Dr. Les Carter

Join Laura and Dr. Les Carter for further insight on narcissism and its victims on their You Tube channel, Surviving Narcissism.  Dr. Les Carter, a renowned psychotherapist,  and Laura Charanza, a two-time narcissistic abuse survivor, break down what narcissism is and what it takes to leave a toxic relationship.

High control; low empathy; entitlement; manipulation…these (and more) are primary traits in a narcissist. Constant exposure to a narcissist’s exploits can be exhausting, bringing out the worst in you. So how do you stay sane?  Do you leave?  Is so, how?

Surviving Narcissism offers tutorials that explain how to maintain healthiness when faced with the aggravations of life with a narcissist. Narcissists are thieves who wish to rob you of your Self, but armed with wisdom and insight, you can incorporate proven ways to stay true to your lifestyle goals.  You can learn to get back your power, purpose and peace after narcissistic abuse.

About Les Carter, PhD:

Dr. Carter has maintained a private practice since 1980 in the Dallas area, where he has worked with many victims of narcissistic abuse.  Dr. Carter is a 1976 graduate of Baylor University and he earned a PhD at the University of North Texas.  Dr. Carter is a published author of several books on narcissism and its victims, including the latest release When Pleasing You is Killing Me. He has years of experience conducting marriage workshops and anger management workshops.  His podcasts can be found on  Dr. Carter currently practices at Southlake Psychiatric and Counseling Center.

If a victim fights back, the narcissist will often fight back until the narcissist’s prey deeply fears standing up for herself.